Mexico's Madonna

Mexico's Madonna

Yuri the Entertainer

Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco was born on January 6, 1964 in Veracruz, Mexico. Yuri, as she became known, projected charisma and demonstrated talent for dance and singing at an early age. Her mother, Dulce Canseco, believed strongly in her daughter’s potential and against the adamant wishes of her husband moved to Mexico City to pursue Yuri’s career.

Dulce proved herself the personification of a lioness protecting her cub when—upon arriving in Mexico City—and producing her daughter’s first record, she fought the record’s producers tooth and nail to make good on their verbal contract with Yuri.

In 1979 when Yuri was 15 years of age, she earned her big break by wowing the judges in Festival OTI and receiving the "Award for the Best New Female Artist". This led to a second album "Esperanzas", which was a major hit and made her a star on several Mexican Soap Operas.

From this point forward, Yuri’s career took precedence over her life. Her mother was an able manager and kept Yuri phenomenally busy with television and movie work and recording contracts. She was to continue on this path in her life for 16 years. During this time she experienced many high points in her career and became an entertainment icon often referred to as Mexico’s Madonna.

Unfortunately, she also sank into depravity in her personal and professional life as she became a self-confessed sex addict.

Yuri’s life was changed forever when, in 1995, tumors were found on her vocal cords. When conventional treatments for cancer proved insufficient she embraced Christianity and gave her life to God. For a time she dedicated herself to testifying to the miracle of bringing God into her life and expressed regret at her actions before she found God. Yuri preached in Mexico and to Christian congregations abroad regarding the dangers of promiscuity and unprotected sex.

In time; incredibly, her tumors went away and Yuri produced a number of Christian songs that did poorly commercially but were sold widely in Christian stores.

Since the mid-2000’s, after a period of retirement, Yuri changed her image and returned to music recording and has gained renewed popularity while garnering several gold albums. She has also starred in a television series, sold out international concert tours and continued to record albums.