Mexico Request U.S. to Legalize Drugs

Mexico Request U.S. to Legalize Drugs

Self-serving Request by Mexico?

While in Mexico City recently, Vice President Joe Biden unequivocally stated no, when asked by many of the country’s leaders if the United States would consider legalizing drugs. Many of the region’s leaders adamantly believe the U.S. should decriminalize drugs.

They say such a move will dramatically lessen the power of the cartels because as drugs become available legally legitimate sources will become available. This will serve to make the drug trade less profitable for the cartels taking away the money to drug proliferation as well as to fund other criminal enterprises.

The Vice President commented that the Obama/Biden administration believes that legalization of drugs will actually be more expensive to manage than the drug problem itself. Also, the social consequences of drug legalization are not acceptable.

The unintended consequences of legalizing drugs cannot be predicted with any degree of accuracy.

Possibly such an action may prevent some of the 47,515 deaths that have occurred in Mexico since December 2006—when President Calderon launched his anti-drug offensive—through September 2011. However, it’s just as possible that the cartels would simply switch their business from drugs to other profitable criminal endeavors. It’s not difficult to believe they would turn their resources to the production of unregulated drugs that are stronger and more addictive to capture their customers. Certainly, no one believes they would simply fade away.

As far as the United States is concerned, drug legalization would necessitate an administrative governmental bureaucracy whose cost could potentially bankrupt the country.

The social issues involved are staggering to contemplate. Proponents of drug decriminalization maintain drugs are like alcohol in their effects, and that we currently live with alcohol’s legalization.

The truth is that even after only a few moments of thought, these considerations are obvious:

  1. Alcohol requires a quantity to be consumed and a period of time before a person becomes inebriated.
  2. Drugs require only a single pill and a few moments before the effects kick in.
  3. Alcohol is available with alcohol contents ranging from low to very high, but it is all regulated.
  4. Drugs can be manufactured in a motel room without regulation and can be deadly or permanently debilitating.

 The effects of drug legalization are truly impossible to predict. The only result that can be determined with certainty is that it would create a country that is the polar opposite of the one we currently call home.